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Fast import/export of Satellite 5 repository to Satellite 6

Out of troublePosted by Magnus Glantz 2016-01-30 13:32:17
So, you have a Satellite <=5.4 installation (if you have the latest version of Satellite 5, see this link) and you want your custom repositories into Satellite 6. Here's briefly how you can go about it. Please note that this method is ~100 times faster than using Hammer to upload the RPMs. Hammer is as of this writing extremely slow in uploading RPMs.

1. Logon to your Satellite 5 server.
2. Use spacecmd to list all packages
in your repository and put the list into a file ('rpmlist').
3. Run:

# updatedb
# mkdir my-custom-channel
# cd my-custom-channel
# for item in $(cat rpmlist); do cp $(locate $item|head -1) . ; done
# cd ..
# tar xvzf my-custom-channel.tar.gz my-custom-channel
4. Logon to Satellite 6 server
5. Run:
# cd /var/lib/pulp
# scp user@satellite5-server:/path/to/my-custom-channel.tar.gz .
# tar xvzf my-custom-channel.tar.gz
# chmod a+rx my-custom-channel
# cd my-custom-channel
# createrepo -v .
# chmod a+rx repodata
# cd /var/lib/pulp
# chmod a+r my-custom-channel -R
6. Logon to Satellite 6 Webgui, create a new product, add your custom repository and modify Sync source to be: file:///var/lib/pulp/my-custom-channel
7. Synchronize repository (it will be much much much much quicker than running Hammer).
8. Done.

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