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Limit project creation to different users in OpenShift 3.4

You must readPosted by Magnus Glantz 2017-02-14 00:06:38

Today: How to limit users ability to create projects in OpenShift Container Platform 3.4.

1. Add Example 2 found here: to the top of your /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml file.

2. Add fitting labels to the different users like such:
$ oc label user/admin level=admin
$ oc label user/user1 level=silver
$ oc label user/user2 level=gold

3. For a single master cluster, restart 'atomic-openshift-master' and for a HA (3-5) master cluster, restart 'atomic-openshift-master-api atomic-openshift-master-controllers' on all masters.

4. Done!

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